The Fletcher’s Pride
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The Fletcher's Pride is the second book of the Cole Dillman trilogy and he finds himself in unfamiliar territory, but loving it. The direction he's been looking for is found and his enthusiasm is endless as he begins to put the pieces together of his future. But Hal, his new boss and mentor, has taken a keen interest in other aspects of Cole's personal life: Karlin. Lucy is still full of vengeance, having her last attempt to put an end to Cole thwarted and causing her to lose more than just the momentum toward her future. She has new plans and a new cohort to get even with Cole. The wild card in this story is Lori's mother, the irresistible May Palmer, who takes a special interest in Cole. She may be the toast of the town, but she's willing to risk it all to satisfy her whims. Finally, an unexpected turn of events poses a dilemma for Karlin, but may be just the thing she needs to shed the drama and emotional drain around her.


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