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 Calliope, in a word, is exposure. Up to 15,000 words of written work to be sampled by readers looking for a connection, agents looking to represent new works, and professionals ready to add the finishing touches.

Bringing the Writing World Together

For the Writer

The Calliope Word Market is a platform to showcase your work. Whether it’s a stanza, snippet of dialogue, or up to 15,000 words, your work can be seen by discerning readers, agents, and editors who are invited to offer encouragement, ideas, and representation.

For the Reader

You’re looking for more than the first ten pages to find a writer’s soul. Or you’re looking for that new poet, songwriter, or playwright that’s in sync with your style, your mood, or music. The Calliope Word Market is the compass for your search.

For Service Providers

You have the skill to turn that diamond in the rough into a jewel. Writers are looking for agents, editors, proofreaders, illustrators, and narrators to take their work, their pride, to the next level to fulfill their goals and dreams.

Just Browsing?

Search from one of five categories by genre, author's name, title of work, keyword, and tag to find published and unpublished works without registering.