About Calliope

he genesis of The Calliope Word Market comes from the recognition that a hub is needed where readers, writers, and service providers can find each other efficiently. The digital age has created the ability to bring us together faster and with vast amounts of information, yet the writing world continues to be segregated by its many parts instead of aggregating as a whole. And that’s what Calliope strives to achieve. 

The Calliope Word Market is the answer to the writer who has experienced the struggle to find the right agent, reach the right editor, and market to the right audience. It’s the solution for agents who wade through slush piles of ill-fitting submissions, not knowing that there’s a writer out there who is a perfect fit and is about to give up on querying. Calliope provides a home to illustrators and narrators, providing a larger platform than an occasional post on social media. This is why The Calliope Word Market was formed, to bring the writing profession together in one marketplace and to support the writing community.

Calliope is a fresh idea that will blossom as its membership grows and discovers that new possibilities are simply a search or submission away. Thank you all, and best wishes.

The Calliope Word Market

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