The Angle of the Stone
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The story revolves around Cole Dillman, a seventeen year old high school junior who is seeking a better life and a roadmap to success. He comes from a dysfunctional family with no guidance or direction. He's a hard worker and knows that it will be the key to his success, but is he working on the right things? Meet the 'Selles, a clique of three girls who seem to have their futures figured out to the nth degree. Lucy Fulmer, Karlin Brinn, and Lori Palmer all seem to be on the same page until a chance act of chivalry by Cole throws each of them into a tailspin. Lucy, the antagonist of the story, harbors a hatred for Cole for unknown reasons, causing a rift between herself and the other two. Lori, who Cole rescues, suddenly finds herself in the uncomfortable position of having a knight in less than shiny armor. And Karlin, the stoic observer of life, feels herself become drawn toward a relationship that she can't fight. The Angle of the Stone is the first book of the Cole Dillman trilogy.


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